6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Social Media

The rave around social media marketing isn’t dying any time soon. If you’re a small business owner, creating your business accounts on popular social media platforms should be on your to-do list.

As of 2021, Statista found over 4.26 billion active social media accounts. They projected that this figure would rise to 6 billion by 2027. These are potential customers worthy of targeting for any small business ready to grow.

Anyone stuck in conventional marketing strategies stands to lose a lot in this era. So, let’s explore why you should have a social media presence as a small business owner.

1. Real Time Customer Care Services

First, social media allows you to offer real-time customer care services. As a business owner, you can handle all matters promptly to avoid protracted problems which can taint your brand’s image. Customers can also praise the company for their excellent work in public, which is a plus.

Additionally, you can communicate with your customers through social media handles in case of an update. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have proved to be effective in this. 

The real-time advantage of social media allows the establishment of effective customer care. This is a strong selling point; a business has a higher chance of winning return clients and referrals. 

2. Brand Awareness

Also, advertisements on TV, Radio, and in magazines are losing potency to social media. Marketing on social media gives you access to a large pool of users who can become your customers. Having relevant and valuable content on your profile will attract more people and increase business visibility.

Meta-data analysis about Instagram users showed that 83% discovered new brands when browsing the app. Enough proof that social media is a powerful tool for creating brand awareness. The more people know about your business, the more likely they’ll follow or share your page, increasing your brand’s visibility.

3. Competitive Edge

Moreover, social media allows you to connect with your target audience. You can respond and engage with customers directly. This has proven to be an effective way of building a loyal customer base and rivaling competitors who may not have the same leverage.

You can also use your profile to survey your competitors. You share the same platforms and can learn much by peeking at their pages. Check what they’re doing differently, what’s working, and what isn’t. After analyzing several businesses, develop a robust social media strategy to exploit your competitor’s loopholes and stay afloat.  

4. Increased Web Traffic

Next, small businesses struggle to establish consistent organic traffic. You can beat this syndrome by connecting your social media accounts with your website. You can also create and share posts on your social media accounts to redirect people to your website.

High website traffic proves that what you’re offering is valuable to your customers. Adding your social media handles to your website is also a powerful SEO strategy. It’ll direct your target audience to your social media pages.

5. Targeting Capability

Furthermore, social media platforms allow you to run targeted ads based on demographics, interests, and other parameters. Such advertisements will give you the best value for your money as the content impressions are multiplied by specific groups.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to run a beautiful ad. Social media platforms have well-crafted ads that you can boost for increased visibility. You can also hire social media agency to design and run beautiful, targeted ads on your behalf.   

6. Direct Consumer Feedback

Finally, various social media platforms include ways users can ask questions and get feedback. Coupled with the ability to review, users can express their confidence or disaffection towards the business. Most businesses are afraid of negative criticism. They pump fake reviews on their websites and end up shutting their clients’ opinions.

You should be willing to listen to your customers. You can also embed a chatbot on your profile and encourage them to leave a review about their experience. Note their complaints and work on them. That way, they’ll feel valued and appreciated and will most likely come back or recommend you to others.   

Incorporate Social Media Today In Your Small Business!

Every small business can use social media to bolster its numbers and revenue. You don’t have to plaster your business pages on all social media platforms. You can choose a few where your customers are most active.

You don’t have to be a pro to run a successful social media page. You can outsource to a reputable digital marketing company. They have the expertise and experience to build and brand your business profile with the right tone.


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Amanda Brown

Amanda is our Managing Director and a certified digital marketing professional.


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