6 Benefits of Marketing Automation

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Why should you use marketing automation?

Competition is fierce in the digital world – no matter what niche your brand fits into. To stay competitive, taking ownership of your marketing efforts is a must. Marketing processes sometimes result in a lot of busy work. Nowadays, you don’t have to do everything by hand and effective use of marketing automation tools can be empowering for your business. 

Marketing Automation saves time. It automates repetitive tasks such as social media management, email campaigns, sales workflows, analytics, and other digital marketing efforts. 

1. Lead Generation & Nurturing 

Marketing Automation benefits your company internally but can also enhance your customer’s experience. Using a marketing automation program allows the system to learn your customer’s behavior and customize a process for each of them. 

You have the unique ability to automatically nurture leads throughout all stages of the sales funnel and serve prospects valuable content based on their behaviors through automated marketing. 

Your competitors are doing it and customers are often inundated with messages from them. Because of this, it’s essential to remain top-of-mind.

2. Audience Targeting

After you have nurtured your leads or converted them into customers, you can further customize marketing your services or products. You can segment them into categories based on factors like demographics, behaviors, and contact information. A marketing automation process can personalize the connections with leads and increase engagement. 

3. Easily Scalable 

Manually communicating with consumers regularly is time-consuming. Once you remove these daily tasks from your to-do list, you’ll find you can reach more customers overall with marketing automation. 

Do you want to only contact consumers living in your local area and not have to sort through a spreadsheet you’ve created? Easy-peasy. A marketing automation system could pull them based on your specific criteria and send the email to you. 

Working more efficiently will only grow your leads and revenue over time. 

4. Collaboration of Sales & Marketing

It should go without saying that sales and marketing go hand in hand. However, a lot of the time – they are not on the same page. 

Marketing automation blends the two processes with a common goal and system. Having the campaign information centralized allows the teams to be involved with all steps of the process and view previous conversations, check data, and ensure that together they are all working toward the same target goal. In the end, your team closes more deals – and that’s the goal, right?

5. Better Analytics 

What could be better than tracking analytics from multiple sources in one central location? Marketing Automation keeps all the critical data right at your fingertips. 

6. Efficiency

A robust marketing automation platform should manage your leads from the initial touch to the end of a closed sale. Marketing automation is for every size of business – big and small! You might have one or two people running the show and marketing automation affords you the ability to focus on what needs to happen in person while automating behind the scenes.

Give marketing automation a try!

There are so many benefits of marketing automation, and we only listed a few! Strengthen your business efforts through digital transformation – use automation for those repetitive tasks, reporting, and engagement so your time and energy can be used elsewhere to grow your business.

You don’t have to be a marketing professional to stay competitive in a digital world. You can outsource to a reputable digital marketing company that specializes in digital marketing services such as marketing automation.

About the author

Amanda Brown is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional by the American Marketing Association and is the Managing Director of Varden Digital in Aiken, SC. Varden Digital makes digital marketing easy and affordable for small businesses.


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Amanda Brown

Amanda is our Managing Director and a certified digital marketing professional.


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